Seeking clarity and insight? A variety of PsychicOz psychics – offering accurate psychic readings via phone, chat and email, can help you see clearly the situations in your life that you have questions about.

– Free 3 Minute for every new customer
– Each reading begins with one free minute
– Rigorous psychic screening process
– Affordable prices
– No prepayment is necessary
– 24/7 availability

Types of readings:

Clients can choose from a variety of readers, each of which has been carefully tested and selected for this network.
PsychicOz offers a variety of readings, including tarot card readings, numerology, rune readings, psychic readings, astrological readings, clairvoyant readings, and more. A psychic can give you a general reading based on the energy they pick up from you, or you can seek one out to specifically answer the questions you have about life, love, your job, your family, or your finances.

User Reviews:

– “Thank you, Topaz! My reading this afternoon although brief was so helpful! Sometimes just hearing your voice eases my angst probably because I know I’m going to find out Why! I have Never Loved like I love S! Omg there isn’t a day goes by I don’t thank, God, The Universe, You, and my small PsychicOz family for my blessings! I am very excited for my future! Thank you for seeing They won’t be together on Monday! Just hope S doesn’t get sick from C or M! I love you” – Bernice Harris

– “There is nobody that is more caring and down to earth than LadyLight. Plus her ability to quickly pick up on my situation and give me such amazing and accurate predictions is why I been calling her for many years now.
Thank you so very much for everything. Take care and God Bless. Talk with you again soon.” – Sheri Fowler

– “Lucas tune in so well. I’ve been reading with him for about 6 months now and he led me away from a toxic relationship. Hoping that what he sees about this new one is just as accurate. He is a very straight forward reader but gives you what he sees with confidence.” – Lorraine Guptana


PsychicOz pride themselves on the affordable prices the site offers. For a chat reading or a phone reading, rates per minute stand at $0.99. The rate for an email reading is $4.99.
New users get the first 3 minutes of their reading for free, and each and every reading begins with one free minute, so you do not need to worry about paying for the connection time.

In Conclusion:

With a strong reputation, strict psychic reader screening process, affordable prices and – you’re certain to find a qualified, insightful psychic readers on PsychicOz.

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