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For over 25 years, Psychic Source has strived to provide safe, reliable, professional psychic services through phone and virtual media channels. Psychic Source take pride in their carefully screened network of authentic psychic Advisors, who provide supportive listening and insightful guidance to customers worldwide.

– Low Rates and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

– Wide variety of psychic reading services

– All psychics are tested for authenticity.

– Psychic Readings By Phone, Online Chat, or Live Video.

– 24/7 Customer Care


Types of readings:

There are as many types of psychic advice as there are psychic Advisors, that’s why it’s so important to have a large group of vetted professional psychics, each with a variety of areas of expertise, to choose from. Depending on the issues you’re concerned about, your personality, your past, and even your mood on any given day, a certain type of psychic advice may be right for you.

The types of readings that are available on Psychic Source range from Angel Card reading, Astrology, Cartomancy, Dream Interpretation, Energy Work, Love Consultation, to Tarot, Past life readings, Numerology and more.

User Reviews:

“I had a reading with Jude such a good positive conversation. It was like talking with a friend I was still smiling after ending the reading. Am definitely looking forward to speaking with him again” – Anonymous

“I had a good experience with PS they been on point with me I’ve talked to Sammie, Janax and Bridgett who were all actuate.” – Rachel

“It’s unfortunate that some customers make judgements about legitimate psychics based on future predictions. There are some really great psychics on Psychic Source. If you are not satisfied with a reading they will refund your account. I know this because I tried a new advisor on their site & we did not have a good connection. I used to be skeptical about psychics, but not anymore. There are some truly gifted psychics on Psychic source that give great insights and guidance. I have been using their service for over a year now.” – Anonymous



Prices range between psychics: Some psychics set their rates as low as $0.66 per minute, while others can charge as high was $15.

Psychic Source offers 3 main packages for you to choose from (ranging between $10-$19.80), plus minutes free on your first paid reading.


In Conclusion:

Psychic Source screening process is what sets Psychic Source psychics apart from the rest – they pride themselves on having caring, knowledgeable psychic advisors that are genuinely eager to help. They also provide a large selection of services, affordable pricing, satisfaction guaranteed and a notable kindness initiative which gives back 1% of your purchase to your selected charity.

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